Primal Storytelling for Brands

Primal Storytelling

The Next Evolution in Content Marketing 

Creating significant content is harder than ever. With nearly 2 billion websites in the world, everyone is competing for a "like," a "share," or just "15 minutes of fame." 

The roar from voices clamoring for attention is drowning you out. What if nobody hears your story? 

Fight your way through the noise with a tool that stands the test of time and aligns with all humanity—storytelling. 

Storytelling is older than the invention of fire, yet it's never lost the power to touch our hearts and minds. It is a fundamental part of every culture, a method to remember lessons from the past, and a foundation for people to relate. Well-crafted stories have the ability to completely change your brand's online performance. But how? 

Creating content so good it can't help but attract attention is no easy task. That's why you need Primal Storytelling™, a step-by-step methodology for generating brand content that truly connects with your audience. 

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Human beings are not robots. We rarely make purely logical decisions. We make decisions based on primal emotions, instinctual urges, and tribal pressures just like our ancient ancestors. Technology has evolved, but our basic human nature remains the same.

Combining an understanding of human nature with modern storytelling structures is the secret to creating content that connects.

Craft your brand's epic story using the Primal Storytelling™ methodology. Follow this simple, five-step process to generate compelling content for your business faster and easier than ever before!

5 Steps of Primal Storytelling™

  1. Define the Tribe
  2. Choose a Narrative Voice
  3. Create a Story Arc
  4. Identify Emotions and Urges
  5. Outline and Write

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