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Our Process

Hubspot Kickstart 

Deploying a new system like Hubspot can be daunting. This tool can do so much, it's hard to know where to start.

Having a seasoned guide that understands how it works can unlock its potential. Our 3-step process is clear, logical and results in companies getting the maximum value from the platform. And that results in bringing in leads faster and more accurately.  

Step 1: Planning

  • Set priorities

  • Define specific goals and timelines

  • Review all aspects of Hubspot deployment

  • Comprehensive review of ongoing campaigns, content, content in development, editorial guidelines, client descriptions and goals

  • Create a project plan with due dates, tasks and responsible parties

  • Designate tasks to teams or individuals 

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Step 2: Define Strategy

  • Creating robust editorial guidelines

  • Content planning for the next 120 days

  • Lead company through goal planning exercise

  • Keyword strategy review and analysis

  • Persona development

  • Create a content calendar 

  • Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ planning and content strategy

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Step 3: Analyze and Tweak

  • Provide technical assistance to:

  • Review subdomain structure

  • Deploy Hubspot CRM and potentially Kickstart

  • Review analytics set up and 90-day performance

  • Review user hierarchy and permissions

  • Review current lists and contact trends

  • Review Landing pages, calls-to-action, and current Campaigns 

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