First Snapchat, Then Heineken – Don’t Become the Next Biggest Brand Fail of 2018

2017 was the year of some iconic Ad fails. Yet as we move further along into 2018, it’s almost as if brands are fighting for last place. It’s apparent not everyone learned from the lessons of advertising failures that preceded them.

Not all brand fails are created equally. Some might be as simple as a Photoshop oversight that adds a limb or two, to A-list celebrities, but others are less forgiving. Recently, Snapchat and Heineken played with fire and got burned.

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The 4 Do’s and Don’ts of Hashtags


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4 Faults of the Inexperienced Designer, and How to Overcome Them

Inbound Marketing, Design, Business | January 18, 2017 | By Sara Cottle

Any number of things can separate an inexperienced designer from a more seasoned vet. Something like the use of low-resolution images, bad cropping, stretched images, or discoloration might come to mind initially. However, those are things that someone who is genuinely interested in learning design can overcome fairly quickly and with what might seem like general ease. Here, we’ll tackle faults that tend to separate an inexperienced designer from an experienced one, and how changing your approach to design can help you become more like the latter.

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8 Creative Ways Marketing Agencies Can Kickstart Their Instagram Feed

Instagram is a place that can make an impactful difference in your marketing IF you’re using it correctly. The thing about Instagram is it’s not for everyone. When you think of Instagram users you might think of cutesy shops selling something, clothing brands, aspiring photographers and travelers, workout enthusiasts, the everyday user, as well as many others. Instagram is a place to really stand out and get visually creative with marketing your products...If you’re a company with a more tangible product. So what about businesses such as marketing agencies? Well, the creative minds behind marketing agencies should easily be able to come up with some effective ways for their agency to use Instagram. But we know that even the most creative minds may need a little help kickstarting their ideas (especially since their product isn’t as visually tangible as some). If you’ve been tasked with setting up an Instagram feed for your digital marketing agency and you need a
little inspiration then this post is for you. Starting out, finding consistent content to post is the hardest part. The following are some solid ideas that will help your marketing agency get started on Instagram. And even if you’re not a marketing agency these ideas could be applied accordingly to any Instagram account. 

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5 Questions Marketers Should Always Ask When Redesigning a Logo

Inbound Marketing, Design | July 27, 2016 | By Sara Cottle

Designing a logo for a company that is just starting out is hard enough; redesigning a logo that resonates with your customers and reflects your growing brand is just plain difficult. Let’s just say, it is not custom to wake up one day and create the perfect logo. Logo design and redesign is a process (that some are more familiar with than others). You’ll never be able to know how well your new logo is going to do until after plenty of time has passed. However, you can feel sounder about your logo redesign, or initial design decisions, after asking yourself these 5 crucial questions. Whether you’re the designer making the initial mock-ups of the logo, or the marketer in charge of coordinating with the designer, these questions will help you get through the process with some much-needed confidence.

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Going Modern? 10 Notable Companies Logo Redesigns of 2015/2016

Inbound Marketing, Design, Business | July 20, 2016 | By Sara Cottle

Rebranding your business is a big commitment and can be a lot of work for even the smallest of companies. A great deal of thought goes into even just the seemingly simple decision to go for a rebrand. Tungsten, a company that offers rebranding services, lists rebranding prices for startups costing as much as $15,000. As in: you’re not going to have a rebrand just for the heck of it. This article gives you 10 popular companies that have gone through a recent rebrand (some more talked about, others less so) and a brief summary of each transformation.

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An Inbound Marketer’s Quick Reference Guide to Free Stock Photography

Inbound Marketing, Design | July 19, 2016 | By Sara Cottle

Eye-popping photos are a cornerstone of successful blogging. They help capture attention and draw the reader into your article. But, let’s get real, if you’re a one-man marketing or design team finding the time to take all of the brilliant photos you might need will be difficult—taking and editing photos can be a full-time job in itself. Not to mention having the proper photography equipment and editing tools.

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The 5 Fundamentals of Good Landing Page Design

Inbound Marketing, Design, Business | July 08, 2016 | By Sara Cottle

Have you ever been to a page on a website and been prompted to fill out a form with some information about yourself in order to receive something of value or entertainment? Like a downloadable piece of content? Well, that is what most marketers consider a landing page. If you are a marketing manager for a company that uses Inbound Marketing it is extremely likely one of your main goals is to get potential customers to fill out that form. One side of achieving that is having a valuable enough or entertaining enough piece of content they want to download, the other side to aid in achieving that important goal is good landing page design – which is exactly what this article is going to teach you!

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There’s a New Kind of Website Design in Town: Growth-Driven

Design, Business | May 24, 2016 | By Sara Cottle

Design. Design is a small word that encompasses a variety of pieces. Is it product design? Logo design? Brochure design? A design for an advertisement? Fashion design? Book design? Packaging design? Website design? Whatever kind of design, there is one thing that is true for all: design should be functional and/or have a purpose, and most importantly, if designing for a business, it should be geared towards said business’ target audiences.

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Defending Instagram's New Logo, and The Relationship Between Branding and Graphic Design

Design, Social Media, Creativity | May 16, 2016 | By Sara Cottle

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