The Importance of Instagram Aesthetics

The Importance of Instagram Aesthetics

The Importance of Instagram Aesthetics

Instagram is one of the most successful and influential social media platforms in existence today. Average Joes and Janes, sponsored bloggers, celebrities, and companies of all sizes use the platform to share photos and follow others whose photos they enjoy. But how does one grow their follower base on Instagram? Can it really be as simple as the quality of uploaded photos? Why, yes, it can. A good photo and some effective hashtags can change your account, the number of people who like your photos, and your over Instagram game for good.

Creating Enjoyable and Effective Instagram Content

What makes an Instagram upload “good”? Aesthetics. For bloggers, “instagrammable” venues are often a dressed-down white marble table, a white wall, or a white fur rug. Fashion bloggers especially are obsessed with the color white, and often rely on a monochromatic color palette for the fixedness and ultimate success of their feed.

In order to garner followers and develop a “like” culture around your photos, you need to consistently upload interesting, attractive content. A study by the online source Curalate examined the kind of significant elements you want to be present in order to receive more likes on a picture. Amongst 8 million Instagram pictures, Curalate found that high brightness generates 24% more likes than images with low brightness. Furthermore, a greater volume of background space, as well a single, dominant color, also garnered more likes. Curalate found that Instagram users also tend to prefer low saturation and high levels of texture in photos. Ah, this explains the white obsession of so many users…

Before you create content on Instagram, you should think about photos you’d like to share—choose a filter you like, and use it over and over again, so you create an aesthetically pleasing, consistent-looking feed. This is also why you should plan ahead: take several pictures at a time, so you have enough photos to last a week’s worth of uploads. Try to edit your pictures similarly, as to not damage the uniformity look of a feed. No matter how much you like a picture, if it doesn’t fit your “brand,” your overall feed shouldn’t suffer because of its presence.


How does one edit a picture and ensure satisfying results (aka: likes!)? To be honest, there is only one-way to find out: experiment and practice. You can download an app like VSCO to edit your pictures. Within this particular app, users can choose between several filters and can edit specific characteristics like saturation, clarity, and temperature. If you have a bit more of a photo shop background, maybe you’d rather take a step up towards the big leagues, and try using apps like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. Lightroom, for the more advanced users among us, can be used as an amazing tool to brighten up pictures that were taken in the evening, or with a lack of light, similarly, if you would like to blur your background to highlight a person or object, Photoshop would be a good choice. Always remember, though, to keep your photo looking as realistic as possible. Highlighting sharpness or clarity to too high an extent will turn people off to your feed per its counterfeit appearance.

It’s pretty clear—no pun intended—that Instagram followers love refined, bright pictures, as well as an overall consistent feed. Both of these elements, when combined, can help to generate more likes and followers. Likewise, they confirm the importance of aesthetics when it comes to a platform like Instagram. When followers like your feed, they will likely click on your website link (this should be in your bio!) in order to read other posts and give you positive feedback.

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